Ways to Help Me

So, here is a list of ways that you can help me..
I have set up an account with ClickBank, which is an Affiliate Market. (in other words, if you click on my links and buy something, I get money and you get a product).
Of course, direct donations of any size are very much welcomed and are very much appreciated..
and last but not least, I have IFW's that would be very helpful. IFW's are sites that allow you to complete trial offers and if you get the required amount of referrals then you get whatever product it is that you signed up for, I have another page on this site titled "My IFW's" it has a list of IFW's that I have signed up for and how many referrals each require. It would be greatly appreciated if you completed an offer on an IFW, as this is how the referral actually counts.
Plus, any adds that you click on here, I get a small amount of money for too.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone did anything for me on this that I have listed here.

P.S. for those of you who suggest getting a job, I am job searching and applying all over the place. thank you  :)